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Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

Are you DESTROYING your back 🤯 while reading this?

I could have sworn all my back issues from way back in 2013 were from my overload of uni work & long stressful hours at my job when I graduated… 

  • Short deadlines from my Boss who never listened to me
  • Hours in traffic going to and from work
  • Even more hours standing and giving presentations to my uni mates or team at my job

Most times I’ll get back home unable to call my family or even hang out with my friends just because of the stress on my body (mostly back pain and headaches if I’m being honest).

But nobody really understood me, no use explaining to them because they’ll just brush me off as “he complains too much”.

Why Choose a Standing Desk

Around early 2019, I started following some self help books and learnt that I had to really take control of my body to earn more at my job, live a healthier life and gain the respect of the people I know so they stop looking down on me.

The next step for me in this process was to get rid of this niggling back pain. I checked online for like 5 minutes and saw the MASSIVELY popular standing desk…

What I noticed browsing around was that it:
  • Reduced back pain when working long hours as you’re not slouching in an uncomfortable chair.
  • Helped burn calories which was also SUPER-IMPORTANT as I started getting way too many comments recently asking why I was getting fatter, I hated it!
  • This also helped many of the 18,000+ users back then to improve their concentration and productivity when working (just a guess, but I think this comes from the fact that you just want to sit down so you want to get all your work done as fast as possible, lol).

    Reduce Your Back Pain

    Tons of studies have investigated the change workers using standing desks went through. At the start of the decade (2011), the “Take-a-stand” project found a mind-blowing 54%  reduction in back and neck pain in participants who averaged 66% of their work day standing.

    Change Your Life With An Adjustable Motorised Desk

    66 mins translates to barely over an hour a day, many still find it hard to process why more aren’t changing their lives with this.

    Right now in 2021, with the 22,000+ reviews I’ve seen across the internet so far… I genuinely think this is a safe option, it definitely was for me.

    A great desk that can make standing while working super easy for you is the Roskos 3 Motorized Desk.

    A big reason so many still don’t try out these standing desks is because a lot of them are clunky and noisy, definitely not this one… 

    ✅ Super Quiet

    ✅ Stretch and relax by adjusting it when it’s time to stand & when you want to sit down

    ✅ Rubber footings to make it even more stable in case you awkwardly push against the table when working

    The Best Sit-Stand Desk

    Perfect for your home office, click here to check out the heavy-duty, 180kg load capacity, Ascend Sit-Stand Desk

    1. Pronk NP, Katz AS, Lowry M, Payfer JR. Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health: The Take-a-Stand Project, 2011. Prev Chronic Dis 2012;9:110323. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5888/pcd9.110323.




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