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How To Choose An Office Chair Online

Choosing an office chair online is not easy. I mean, there are so many to choose from. Literally thousands. And they all look kind of the same. Let us give you some pointers on how to choose the best office chair online for your needs.

What Type Of Chair Do You Need?

The first decision is to decide which type of office chair you need. Here are the main choices.

Task Chairs - This is what most people think of when they think of an office chair. Task Chairs are the work horses typically seen in big office spaces. They are versatile, suitable for different people using the chair. They have plenty of adjustments to make it quick and easy to get comfortable.

Mesh Chairs - These are typically task chairs with a breathable mesh back. Mesh Chairs are perfect for tropical climates, or for those who simply want to stay well ventilated while they work.

Drafting Chairs - Normally a task chair with a higher sitting position, designed for sitting at drafting tables which are far higher than a normal computer desk. Drafting Chairs are not suitable for normal computer desks as the lowest sitting height is often to high for a conventional desk.

Ergonomic Chairs - These are normally office work horses, much the same as task chairs with a full range of adjustments. Ergonomic Chairs offer far more support for your body, particularly your spine, and will help you to improve your posture. They are also better for people with back problems.

Executive Chairs - These are typically more stylish looking with less features than a task chair. Executive Chairs are typically high backed, and more suitable for reading a newspaper than doing hours of computer work.

Gaming Chairs - Have a more aggressive sitting position tailored for long hours sitting in front of a gaming setup. Gaming Chairs often come with foot-rests and perhaps even inbuilt RGB lighting, since gamers love all the bells and whistles.

Massage Chairs - Get a massage while you work or relax with inbuilt massage functions. Massage Chairs usually have ample padding and comfortable reclining options to give you plenty of comfort. Massage chairs generally do not offer the same level of posture support as task chairs.

Visitor Chairs - Not really designed to be used at a computer desk, Visitor Chairs are the same as you would find in a doctors waiting room. Whilst you can technically use this as your main office chair, it will not be as kind to your back or your posture as a task chair.

Do You Want A Cheap Office Chair?

Generally speaking, office chairs come in 3 broad categories.

Made in China Office Chairs

These are generally mass produced and delivered in a flat-pack, requiring some assembly. Prices are typically between $150 and $300 making them suitable for the mass market. This is what you will find in the majority of large office stores.

There is certainly nothing wrong with Made in China Office Chairs, however the quality of the components is not premium quality, so that the prices can be kept down.

Made in Australia Office Chairs

These are generally premium quality chairs using better quality components. Australian Made Office Chairs are typically priced between $300 and $900.

These can normally be fully customised with upgraded components or fabrics, and normally come with long warranties around 10 years. If you want premium quality at a reasonable price, Australian Made is the way to go.

High End Imports

Typically coming from Europe, you can pay literally thousands for a quality high end chair. Get the latest in ergonomic features, technological functions or fashion. But it won't come cheap.

Heavy Duty or Regular Duty?

Typically Office Chairs come with a 120kg limit for users. And many people will find this more than adequate. The weight limit is normally listed on the product page. However, some users prefer to choose a heavy duty chair for higher weight limits.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs

135 kg weight limit puts you into the heavy duty category. Heavy Duty Chairs come with upgraded gas lift, upgraded adjustment mechanism and upgraded seat.

The seat is usually upsized to large size to accomodate wider bodies. They are typically Australian Made and can be further customised as required.

Extra Heavy Duty Office Chairs

160 kg and 200 kg weight limit chairs are available and widely sold. Extra Heavy Duty Office Chairs come with extra heavy duty components and a heavier price tag. They are typically Australian Made and can be further customised as required.

AFRDI Certification

When it comes to buying task chairs for your busy office, it is a good idea to get AFRDI Certification. AFRDI stands for the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute.

AFDRI has a system of quality certification aimed at lifting quality, strength, durability, safety, suitability for purpose and, ultimately, sustainability through increased product durability.

Customisation Options

You can usually customise many different components on your office chair if it is Australian Made. All you need to do is fill out the customisation form and obtain a customised quote.

The normal items that can be customised are as follows:

  • Seat Size
  • Arms
  • Gas Lift Height
  • Lumbar Support
  • Seat Slide
  • Adjustment Options
  • Base Options
  • Castor Options
  • Fabric Colour
  • Fabric Type

Your Perfect Office Chair

At the end of the day, choosing a chair with the best adjustment options will be the best choice, because you can adjust the chair position to your most comfortable position. We recommend you take the time to consider all of the above options, in order to get many happy and comfortable years using your new office chair.

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Haven`t received it yet, due to transport / courier delays to WA.

Great Table

Perfect size for our kitchen. Easy to put together and very sturdy. Just got 4 white stools from ikea to finish it off .

Great big chair!

Comfortable as, Great upholstery fabric worth the price!

Delta Plus 135kg Mid Back Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair is excellent value for money. It’s comfortable with a really broad seat and sturdy backrest. Easily maneuverable too with responsive settings for height and angle of backrest.

Very happy customer

Despite an initial hiccup with the colour of the chair, the response to our concerns was quick and we are very happy with the outcome and their willingness to assist and solve the issue.
A very comfortable chair and great height, which was very difficult to find.
Would highly recommend.