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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Ratchet Back Height Adjustment?

The Ratchet Back means the height of the back rest can be adjusted in increments by lifting the back in an upwards direction. Once the back goes to the highest position, the back will reset and go to the lowest position.

What is the Manual Back Height Adjustment?

A Manual Back needs to be adjusted by loosening the knob and placing the back in the desired position. The knob then needs to be tightened and will stay in that position.

What are 3D Adjustable Arms?

3D or Multidirectional Arms the actual arm pad can also go forwards, backwards and side to side. The button on the side moves the arm from side to side.

These are different to the regular Height Adjustable Arms, because Height Adjustable Arms only go up and down.

What are the 3 Levers for on the 3 Lever Adjustment Mechanism?

The 3 levers are for seat tilt (back), back tilt (mid) and gas lift height adjust (front).

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